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About My Turkey Property

My Turkey property consists of a team of experts who has a vast range of experience in the property market both in the U.K. and in Turkey. Our aim is to ensure that we help, guide and advise you to seeking your dream home within this diverse and rich country called Turkey.

We offer quality, independent and impartial advice to help you along each step of the property purchase process. We provide you with a portfolio of properties to choose from and information relating to various areas and cities and towns within Turkey so that you can make a well informed decision in choosing a property that fits your requirements and lifestyle. We are also well connected with a good network across Turkey and have a recommended list of people such as lawyers and valuers who can also be brought in to assist at the various stages where they are required. We also have good connections with a variety of lenders if you require this.

Using our contacts, knowledge and experience we will ensure that you receive the best value on your property as we will work directly with the developer/seller and there will be no other third party involved which could in turn increase costs. Our aim is to always provide customers with the best price on the market for their chosen property.

My Turkey Property prides itself in providing good customer care and a full service from start to finish.

Why choose My Turkey Property?

The key reasons are:

What we can do for you?

Aside from providing you with as much guidance, advice and information throughout the whole property purchase process, we can also assist you when you decide on a property and would like to view it- we would do this by assisting you with all of your travel arrangements. We can act on your behalf in communication with the sellers, arrange that all the legals are done correctly such as the contract and in obtaining and checking the title deeds.

NOTE: My Turkey property is a UK registered company with Companies House UK, registration number 12390883, so buyers are protected under UK law.

For further information or to start the ball rolling, contact us on +44 (0)203 974 2579 and we will be happy to advise you and discuss our services with you.

Free Legals

We will simplify seemingly complicated procedures

Turkish Mortgage

Mortgage available up to 75% of purchase price

Turkish Citizenship

We will ease the process of obtaining the turkish citizenship for eligible clients

Free Evaluation

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After Sales Care

Got questions? we have answers. +986 532 14 52 14

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