Costs of buying property in Turkey

There are a range of costs that you need to take into consideration aside from the actual property purchase price you will pay. There are additional payments to be made for lawyers, translators, notaries, taxes and other relevant fees. You need to also consider that some costs will be fixed in Turkish Lira so how much you will pay will also depend on what exchange rate you use.

Here is a summary of possible costs that may be payable:

  1. Lawyer and Translator fees –in relation to lawyers’ prices may vary and we can provide you with a list of recommended lawyers or you are free to find your own. Some translators will charge by the hour whilst others will offer you a package price for the property transaction. Any translator you use must be officially registered and licensed in Turkey to work as a translator. Again we can provide you with pour recommended list of translators.
  2. Notary fees: £300.00
  3. Tapu registration (title deeds): £100.00
  4. Transfer deeds tax-This is 3% and is based on an assessed value, not the purchase price. This will be based on the local Council’s list of estimated property values which is used to calculate the tax.
  5. Our fee: No fee on the purchase of new builds, and only 3% for the purchase of a non-new build property.
  6. DASK Insurance which is an earthquake insurance which you must have in place at the time of signing your title deeds. The cost depends on the square meterage of your property

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