Why invest in Turkish property?

Beautiful beach in the center of Side, Turkey

If you want to invest and earn good money in the long run, real estate is the best domain to focus on. Not only do real estate properties increase their value in the long run, but you usually receive a very good return on investment when you sell the property. And to make things even better, you can rent the property to tenants, getting even more money from it.

With that in mind, Turkish real estate has been booming right now. In fact, if you want to invest in real estate, Turkey seems maybe the best option that you can take into consideration. It’s extremely convenient and it has the potential to bring in front amazing results in the long run. But why should you invest in Turkish real estate? Let’s find out.

There are a plethora of new developments in Turkey

The main advantage when it comes to real estate properties in Turkey is that there are quite a lot of them. Some of the most popular new developments in Turkey include the Instanbul Airport and the Kanal Istanbul. What makes them very distinctive is the fact that there are lots of tourists in the region, and the locations themselves are close to either the city or important places to visit like the Mediterranean Sea. Everyone wants to own a property near the sea, and investing in real estate in Turkey can help you do that.

Also, you need to realize that the prices are not that high. You will find Turkish real estate prices to be median or even lower when compared to the region itself. That’s why you just have to give it a try for yourself, and you will be very impressed with the results every time.

You can get a 2-bedroom apartment in Turkey for $60000 or sometimes even less than that. And such an apartment is very close to the sea. So yes, you get to have a tremendous value and quality for the money, something that will certainly surpass all of your expectations. Simply put, if you are very serious about investing in real estate, Turkish properties open up a lot of amazing opportunities. Just make sure that you study the market very well and see prices for the previous years. The prices are ascending, which makes Turkey a real estate investor’s dream.

There’s a diverse real estate market

Numerous talented architects and very high demand has made the Turkish real estate market highly desirable. You have everything from villas to renovated apartments, new buildings, luxury or budget choices and so on. Simply put, you get access to all kinds of properties. It’s all about finding what works for you. Some investors go for villas with sea views because they always end up increasing their price. Others will, however, choose more central properties within Turkish cities. Yet this is still a very good way to invest in real estate, and the total return on investment can be astounding either way. These properties will have a great result and you will appreciate the way everything comes together here.

Low taxes

The Turkish government decided a little while ago to lower the taxes in Turkey due to the numerous issues that arose in the past few years. They also wanted to find a way to stimulate investors from other countries to come to Turkey and invest in the local real estate here. Exempting foreign investors from the value added tax is a very good idea. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are willing to invest in Turkish properties, as the investment costs are extremely low even when compared to neighboring countries.

Turkey is a beautiful country

One of the most important aspects related to Turkey is that this is a great country for tourists. A lot of people come to Turkey often from both Europe and the United States, as well as Africa. This is also a hub for airports that come to and from Asia to other countries too. So yes, there are many reasons why it makes sense to invest in Turkish real estate. Not only can you re-sell the property later for a profit to various tourists, but you can also sell it to businessmen. Either way you can obtain an amazing experience and the results themselves are nothing short of staggering.

You can become a Turkish citizen

It’s very rare to buy a property and automatically become a citizen in a country. Turkey chose to create this law so they can encourage people to invest in Turkish real estate and it works quite well. They did this via an amendment to the Turkish Citizenship Law. That being said, there are some restrictions, as the property you buy needs to be worth at least $250000. In addition, the entire family of that new owner, including his kids and wife will become Turkish citizens if they choose to do so. That’s one of the best ways to acquire a new citizenship. And the overall return on investment is staggering too, since most Turkish properties can be sold for a profit pretty fast.

Suitable for long term investments

Most investors choose Turkish real estate for long term investments. And these properties are ideal for long term investment strategies due to many reasons. First, prices are still on the rise. In other countries like Cyprus or Spain, the real estate market has peaked and homes are expensive. Here the prices are still on the rise and they will be for quite some time. That means investing in real estate is the best way to obtain a great return on investment. Also, the Turkish upkeep and annual maintenance for properties are rather low, which makes it one of the best ways to spend your money as an investor. It will help you especially in the long run if you are very serious about investing in properties.

Low cost of living

A lot of investors choose to relocate to Turkey and also purchase properties there. The cost of living in Turkey is actually very low when compared to the US or many European countries. That makes it a very good idea to just live in Turkey and expand your real estate investment business there. With so many amazing options to choose from and low living costs, it’s clear that Turkey should be one of the top real estate markets that you want to pursue at this time.

You get a residence permit

As we mentioned earlier, if you buy properties over $250000 in Turkey, you can become a Turkish citizen. But even if the house/apartment price is lower, you will still obtain a residence permit. That permit is renewed every year, and again, your children and wife will also be able to benefit from it.

Improved security and a sense of tranquility

The crime rate in Turkey is not very high. And on top of that, the society itself is very conservative. The traditions and customs available locally are very similar to the ones in the Arab regions. That means you have a sense of security all the time. You know that you can reside in there and pursue the local customs without worries. Since there are no major security issues to worry about, you just have to think about the possible challenges that can arise and how you can deal with them in the long run.

Temperate weather

How does the weather affect Turkish properties? Well, you don’t want to live in a region where there’s a lot of rain. It’s better to live in a place with temperate weather because the climate is mild and there are no foundation problems with homes. Instead, you will get to protect your home very well and that translates into a much better sales price in the long run. That’s the best approach you can have when you invest in a property, and Turkish real estate delivers all the value you would need in a great package.

You can buy to let and obtain good profits

While buying renovation properties can sometimes be hit and miss in the Turkish real estate world, Buy and Let options are always very impressive. The good thing about them is that you can acquire a good financing plan and then rent for a profit. Since the local rents are quite high price-wise, you are getting a pretty good return on investment. It’s going to make it easier to obtain profits from your property if you start investing early on. Every tiny detail matters as an investor, and here you are indeed getting a tremendous benefit.

Getting structured term payments

One thing to note about Turkish real estate investments is that you don’t have to invest cash-only right away. What this means is that they do offer structured payments ranging from 6 and up to 60 months. Having a simpler way to pay for your property means you can invest in multiple properties at once and diversify your investment approach. It’s a great idea to pursue, and you will find to work great especially in a stable real estate environment like the one in Turkey.

The purchasing process is very simple

It’s very easy to acquire Turkish real estate properties. There’s not a lot of paperwork like you would have in other countries. As we mentioned earlier, most of the bureaucracy is removed and that’s for the better. You are getting a very good experience and the fact that you’re becoming a property owner quickly means you can start enjoying the property and your investment right away. You still need to have a legal representative and other stuff like that, but it’s going to be well worth it in the long term, and that’s what you want to pursue the most.

All amenities are very close

Most Turkish real estate developments are designed as small cities themselves. The idea is to have access to hospitality, culture and food establishments. And yes, most of these properties will offer you immediate access to everything you would need. Even if some of the properties are not in the middle of the city, you won’t miss anything. That’s great if you want to buy Turkish real estate, since you know it will be easy to find a buyer for this type of property.

Banks offer tax incentives

Aside from the government that has tax incentives, banks give you this too. Many of them are going to offer you tax incentives if you choose to buy via a mortgage. The idea is to increase the interest in real estate so they can provide more loans. Obviously this is great if you’re a new investor and you are struggling to obtain the funds you need for your property. It’s still well worth the effort, and the best part is that you will appreciate the tremendous value and quality brought to the table.

Political stability

Like many countries, Turkey did have some political unrest, but for the past few years things have managed to become a lot better. Nowadays the political landscape throughout the country is a positive one. As a result, the real estate market is growing, and the overall economy is expanding. Which is great for you because you get to invest in Turkish real estate without worries of a downfall.


Since the Turkish real estate market is secure, you will surely find it one of the best ways to secure your investments in the long run. One of the best things is that Turkey is very easy to reach, and there’s a constant demand for new properties. As time goes by, the overall property value is getting higher and higher, which is amazing for any real estate investor.

If you are very serious about investing in real estate, Turkey is by far one of the main countries to focus on. There’s no political or financial unrest, nor do you have to worry about an unstable market. Instead, the real estate market is constantly growing, and you even get free citizenship or residency. We recommend you to study the Turkish real estate world and invest in properties, as it can give you an amazing return!

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